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Thursday, the Third Day (of this blog)

Welcome to my third blog post, and another good day in the City. One of the big drawbacks of having to work at the client’s premises is getting there. If I could work from my own premises without the travel that might sometimes be better.

Today started off okay, but then due to a slow goods train, the train I was on was delayed by 20 minutes. Which, on the plus side, meant extra reading time on the train, catching up with interesting books and the like.

One of the great things about modern technology is that you can now have hundreds of books with you at all times, rather than just one or two in a bag. Here, in my pocket , on my smartphone, I have apps for Amazon Kindle, Nook and Kobo — all of which have quite a few books, some paid for, some free and some just samples, but many exciting new things to read and learn about — especially factual books. I am not so much into reading fiction, unless I know it will be really worthwhile. I also carry a Nook in my bag with lots of ebooks on, so I should never run out of good things to read.

At least as well I managed to get to the client’s premises on time (just about) and avoid the very heavy rain storm that followed. It rained so heavy that I thought I saw Noah building another ark.

Lots of good graphics works today, and being paid for a full day for a change made it all worth being there and put in a good mood. But still overall the workflow is slow and although my contract there continues, I am always looking for opportunities in other places. I can build websites in CMS like WordPress, Drupal, as well as knowing some HTML and CSS.

Getting home tonight was pretty straightforward, although for a few stops on the Underground train there was a drunk man who was starting to annoy people. He seemed happy enough, but his happiness was other people’s nightmare (almost). He is the sort of passenger you hope never to meet on the train on the journey back to base, when all you want to do is read your book (or e-book) and be left alone in peace. After he went away to another carriage everyone seemed relieved enough.

Well, tomorrow no scheduled work commitments, so a day out doing something different might be nice. I hope all you readers are well and enjoying this blog. Why not leave a comment if you feel so inclined? (I am currently moderating comments, so do not be worried if your comment is not immediately visible on the site.)


David King, MD, Avoura Ltd.

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