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27 August


So what is the difference between landscape and portrait? Should we know? Why those terms? What orientation should a document be? Recently someone was requesting a change to a graphic page. It had already been set up as a cover which would be printed on paper slightly larger than A3...
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19 August


Another day at the office and what fun it was. I also had worked yesterday on Sunday, when it is quieter, but there was plenty of work, and it was all enjoyable. Today, Monday, less work but still good fun putting together animations in PowerPoint. PowerPoint has the great feature...
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12 August

City Worker Blog

Welcome to the first blog post, about my work. I have been working now for some time on a contract in the City of London, working in a large financial company which shall remain nameless. All I can say is that they are big and big elsewhere too, not just...
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