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15 August

Thursday, the Third Day (of this blog)

Welcome to my third blog post, and another good day in the City. One of the big drawbacks of having to work at the client’s premises is getting there. If I could work from my own premises without the travel that might sometimes be better. Today started off okay, but...
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13 August

City Worker with a Camera

Today was another interesting day. Uneventful in getting to my place of work, but at work something rather humourous. I shall protect the innocent by not mentioning any names, of course. One of the men who work as shift leaders was sitting in his seat, and I went to get...
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Avoura Limited

12 August

City Worker Blog

Welcome to the first blog post, about my work. I have been working now for some time on a contract in the City of London, working in a large financial company which shall remain nameless. All I can say is that they are big and big elsewhere too, not just...
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