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Getting the Right Proportions

I have not updated this blog lately, so here goes with a new entry. Work for my client in the City is getting better much busier lately and full shifts, no being sent home early and plenty to do.

The best work for me are the graphics jobs, but there are also plenty of other things in Word and Powerpoint.

But when it comes to graphics, there are some workers who really do not do as good a job as they should. I refer to an example I saw this week which I worked on, after someone else had started it. The requirement was to have a picture of a table with 6 men around it. The table was there as an image, a background had been added. Someone had started adding people but 3 of them all looked way too small in proportion to the table. In fact, the one furthest away was so small that he really looked like just a little boy, not a grown man. And his head was extremely small, too small to even see who it was when it would be printed.

What is usually required for these team pages (which is how they company introduces their staff to prospective clients) is to have the faces of the staff placed onto bodies dressed up in something suitable. For example, if they do a presentation to a construction company, then the staff will be dressed up as construction workers. Rather than actually get them to all dress up and visit a building site and have someone take a photo, we have to use Photoshop to make it look like that happened.

In the case of the 6 people around the table, I was able to get that looking really good and all in proportion, and the person I did it for was very pleased.

I always give of my best in my work, and for other graphics jobs completed this week, I have received very good feedback which makes me feel like it was all worth it to put in the effort to make these things look realistic rather than a slapdash half-hearted effort.

Whatever work you do, do it well and put in the effort to make it as best as you can. Even if you are not that keen on it, when you give more of yourself than is asked for then people appreciate it.

And getting good feedback in proportion to the amount of thought and effort put in makes it so much more enjoyable.

David King, MD, Avoura Ltd.



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