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City Worker with a Camera

Today was another interesting day. Uneventful in getting to my place of work, but at work something rather humourous. I shall protect the innocent by not mentioning any names, of course.

One of the men who work as shift leaders was sitting in his seat, and I went to get some work from him, and there was a lady’s scarf, all flowery and feminine, on the back of his seat. Rather strange, I thought, so I made a joke of it and suggested it was his scarf. He is the type of guy who will join in with the banter and is very easy-going, so it all remained light-hearted and went well.

But as for the volume of work today, again it was slow and not much to do. So although I was kept busy again, there was again the dreaded call to go home early (and thus lose some pay). Quite annoying in one way, but at least I still have work and an ongoing contract, which helps to pay the bills and keep Avoura Ltd. in business.

So by finishing a bit early, I had a chance to take up one of my passions — photography. It was before sunset, but the sun was already getting low in the sky and creating nicely lit views of the construction cranes across the road. There seem to be quite a few at the moment in the City of London, and these ones are at a site where an old building is being demolished. So once outside, I whipped out my smartphone and started taking photos. I put the best ones on and you see the thumbnails below. By the way, all the photos here at are taken by me. If you need any photography work doing, so long as it is not something too professional (or that requires lots of fancy expensive equipment) then I might be able to help at a reasonable rate, just contact me with your requirements. It is not my main line of work, but I think I can sometimes create some fairly decent shots, either with my smartphone or my DSLR.

So here are my photos I took this evening, some cranes, the Gherkin building (through the window of a bus, hence some reflection) and I even managed to capture a rainbow.


If you do not see the small linked images above, then click here to go to the Flickr website to see the images


David King, MD, Avoura Ltd.

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