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Another day at the office and what fun it was. I also had worked yesterday on Sunday, when it is quieter, but there was plenty of work, and it was all enjoyable. Today, Monday, less work but still good fun putting together animations in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has the great feature of allowing items on the page to be animated when viewed in slide show mode. I cannot go into any details, but having animations in your slide shows always makes it look better, so long as there is nothing too fancy or jarring. This particular presentation used more subtle animations, just using the Fade entrance, so that text and images fade into view in 1 second, one section after another. That is the way to make it look professional. And for the more fancy slides, each section was animated to appear one after the other on clicks. I made the first one, a circle in the middle with an image, grow and spin as it came in, then some circles around that which can in spinning as well, and the third lot too. I think it looked good. Animations are easy, of course, especially to someone who has used PowerPoint for nearly 20 years.

I just wish I could show you all the animations I made, but what with client confidentiality and all, that is not possible.

So if you are putting together PowerPoint presentations for onscreen display, using animations, but make sure they are not over the top. Being restrained and subtle works better than a quick in-your-face flashy zoom in/out or fly around the screen.


David King, MD, Avoura Ltd.

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